Sexual Health Check or Contraception Advice

If you currently take the contraceptive pill the Nurse can do your annual review (or 6 monthly review depending on the patient).  You can book these online.

Nurses can also administer follow-up depo injections.

Patients who are new to the practice and who would like to continue on their chosen method of contraception, such as the contraceptive pill, will need to book an initial appointment with a GP to review this before the nurse can take over their annual reviews.  The GP also has to administer the first depo injection (even if you have had one at a previous practice).

Non-urgent advice:

Contraception discussions with a GP are a double appointment – please do not book these online as you will require a longer appointment.

Coil fitting slots are booked centrally and cannot be booked online. You will need to have had an initial double appointment with a GP to discuss your options before being booked into the coil fitting slots.

If you are struggling to access appointments at your convenience at the surgery, or would prefer to look at alternative providers, please see the website below for the local Sexual Health Clinics.

This is a Virgin Care Integrated care sexual health service.