Test Results

Non-urgent advice:

You can view your results ONLINE via the NHS App or other approved apps (such as Patient Access). If the Practice needs to speak to you about the results we will contact you directly.

If you want to call us to discuss your results please ring AFTER LUNCHTIME for test results, this ensures that our phone lines are available for urgent appointments at the busiest times.

Your results cannot be given to another person due to confidentiality reasons, unless you have already requested this and it is recorded in your notes. 01606 544241.

Most tests take approximately 2 working days to return, with specialised tests taking longer. X-ray and scan results are usually received by the practice 7-10 days after the test was performed. It is your responsibility to look at your own results, as we process large numbers of tests each day and are unable to telephone individual results.

If you have patient access online and have elected to view your medical records then you can look at your test results online.  Please make sure you have read the Guide to Patient Access as results are reported centrally and may show ‘abnormal’ in the app, but it could be not-significant for you; we will always contact you directly if there is any action as the GPs review all results when they come into practice.