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General Referrals

Private Referrals

Non-urgent advice: General Referrals

When you are referred to another service you should receive information from the person who referred you about what to expect. That includes external referrals (such as hospitals or community services) and internal referrals (such as to the Social Prescribers or Care Coordinators).

Please do not ask us to ‘speed up’ your referral after it has been done, as organisation’s manage their own lists and waiting times; we have no control over these.

If your symptoms have medically changed or got worse then on occasion’s the GP can write an ‘expediting letter’ explaining this to send to the organisation, however more often the organisation’s can log this information themselves and are happy to be contacted by patients.

Unfortunately there are longer waiting lists at this time and as a Practice we cannot contact hospitals on your behalf to ask about waiting times or places in the list.

If you are struggling to contact the hospital the numbers for Leighton Appointments and their PALS team are below. Our Care Coordinators can help to support patients and carers who may be unable to support themselves in doing this, please do contact us if you or a family member may benefit from this support.

Being referred to a Specialist:

Non-urgent advice: Contact Details

Leighton Appointments Line: 01270 612 200

Leighton PALS: 01270 612410

Warrington & Halton Outpatients Appointments Line: 01925 662 038

Wythenshawe Outpatient Appointments Line: 0161 998 7070

Walton Centre Outpatient Appointments Line: 0151 556 3213

Therapy Services (MSK/Physio) Appointments Line: 01270 278 310

Non-urgent advice: Private Referrals

Patients can ask their GP for a private referral form. We cannot recommend any specific private service.

Please leave enough time between requesting a private referral and your booked appointment as the request will need to be approved and written by the GP.

In most cases the GP will need to have a consultation with you about the referral unless it is something they have already been dealing with.

Please be aware of the responsibilities around Private Referrals, see the link below

BMA Guidance on Private Healthcare