Telephone Lines

Updated 23rd October 2018

Our telephone lines have now been updated!

The main line remains the same (01606 544 241) but you will now have options and a queuing system in operation. 

We are still getting used to the new system and will be changing certain things in the coming weeks. If you have any comments or suggestions please do let us know by completing the comments cards in main reception or e-mailing us at – please put ‘Telephone Lines’ as the subject of the e-mail.


Updated 29th June 2018

** We have had the telephone lines update and we are just waiting for Phase 2 and the set up of the system.  You won’t see a change yet but we are hoping that this will be very soon.  If you have any suggestions about the telephone line and options then please do contact us – use the suggestions box in the main reception area or ask to speak to Laura Clare on the main practice number.  Thank you for bearing with us.**

We are aware that our telephone lines are less than ideal.

We are currently waiting for a new system to be installed, but this is being installed across the patch in Northwich and we are on a waiting list.  In the meantime, this is what we are doing to help and what you as patients can do to help:


What we do to help the telephone lines:

  • We have extended the ‘ring’ time to allow more time when you call before the call is answered.  This means that staff have more time to answer the phone if they are dealing with another patient.
  • We have asked all staff to be on the phone lines at peak periods – this is usually first thing in the morning (8.30am), and staff know they can ‘jump on’ to the phones if the lines seem busy, so we can add more team members at any time should the reception staff need it.
  • We have put all of our GP appointments online, including telephone calls and urgent clinics.  Urgent clinics will only be available on the day, usually from 8.00am.  We find that patients who book using the online service do not need to call us as they also have access to their results and medical records online.


What you can do to help the telephone lines:

  • If you have a non-urgent query we ask that you call us at non-peak times, so after 11.00am.  
  • If you are booking a healthcheck or get results we ask that you avoid calling us first thing in the morning, as that is when the lines are the busiest with people trying to get GP appointments.
  • Register for the online system to book appointments online.


If you have any further suggestions please let us know by placing them in the suggestions box or contacting Laura Clare: 

Thank you for bearing with us.