Patient Online Access


Patient Online Access

Patient Online Access

For the past couple of years patients have been able to access parts of their GP medical record online.

As of 2023 Patients will be able to see their medical record fully online.  We are working towards doing this safely and securely, and will send out information as soon as we are ready.

Patients can then use the NHS App or their authorised app to view their full medical records, including consultations, documents from other organisations, results and more. Please note, you cannot see this for any ‘Proxy’ users (see FAQs below around viewing another person’s health record).

To sign up for this service you will need to fill in a Patient Access Form and send it to the surgery with some identification (usually a scanned picture with your photograph on it). We will then issue you with a series of numbers to allow you to register with the service.  Please e-mail or you can collect the forms from  main reception.

To access the website please click here.

Patient Access Form 2017

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Why do we ask for a form and ID?

The website gives you access to your personal health record, which is confidential and should only be accessed by you and those you choose to share it with. We cannot give your log in information to anyone other than you due to patient confidentiality.

What if I care for someone who is housebound/what if I am housebound?

We have a separate registration form for patients who will struggle to attend the surgery and provide their ID. The patient will need to sign the form and identify who can give them access to their information. This form will then be scanned into the patient record. Please click here for the Housebound Patient Access Form.

Can I access this for my children or someone I care for?

For those under the age of 11, parents/carers can access this for the child.  They will need to fill in a form (RA Parent Form) for the child.  When the child is 11 they are deemed to be responsible for their own health record and will need to fill their own form in.  To safeguard this, any child who turns 11 who already has access will have their access removed.  They will be notified and will be asked to fill in their own form to gain access to their account.

A child or adult can nominate someone (a Proxy User) to have access to their account.  This needs to be considered by the patient carefully but as long as they are happy and complete the Proxy Access User Form then we can set this up. patient online proxy consent form 2021.

What will I see when I access my account online?

When you log in to patient access you and choose to view your health record you may find things that you were not expecting.  We have produced a leaflet to help guide patients through the Online system. Please click here to download the Patient Access Online Leaflet.

My account will not let me in? Can you help?

We can re-set passwords for patients, but we have no access to your existing password as this is encrypted by the site.

I have transferred from another surgery will my Patient Access Account still let me in?

Unfortunately not, the patient access portal is GP specific so you will need to register with us again once you are with the practice.

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