Nurses Appointments including Chronic Condition Reviews


Nurses Appointments including Chronic Condition Reviews

Nurses Appointments including Chronic Condition Reviews

New ways of doing assessments

Some of our assessments can be done over the telephone. Asthma and COPD reviews require some information to be completed before you have the telephone call with the nurse.

Please see the information below for completion prior to your telephone call:

After your asthma appointment the nurse may also ask you to complete an Asthma Plan, which may be sent to you via a text message link. Please see a copy of the plan below:

Our nursing team can see patients for the following things:

  • Chronic Condition Reviews i.e. Asthma, COPD, Diabetes reviews
  • ECGs
  • Child Immunisations
  • Pill reviews (if you have been started on these by a GP – if not please book a double appointment with a GP initially)
  • Depo Injections (again, only follow up injections can be done by the nursing team)
  • Smear tests
  • B12 injections
  • Flu Injections
  • 24 hour BP
  • Blood Pressure reviews

The nurse appointments can get very busy and are likely to be booked in advance. 

Unlike GP Appointments we allow booking up to 4 weeks in advance for some nurse appointments, such as Child Immunisations, and B12 follow ups.

We would ask that patients ensure they keep their nurse appointment or cancel it if they cannot make it, patients should be able to cancel by text message in the near future as well as being able to cancel online via any of the apps. This is especially important for review appointments as many are more than 20 minutes long and the nurse can sometimes have a waiting list for a specific type of appointment.

Please see this page for information on depo injections and pill reviews: How do I book a Sexual Health Check or Contraception advice appointment?

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