Online Appointments Update July 2022

We are re-introducing online appointments and we are doing this as safely as possible and to ensure patients are booking the correct appointment.

We now have the following bookable online:

Early Morning Extended Access Telephone consultations will be available to book online via patient access.  Please ensure if you are booking these that you add a recent / up to date contact number or the GP may be unable to contact you.  Please also note that the time(s) of the telephone call may vary as other calls may overrun or may need longer.  The calls should be expected between 7.00am-8.00am.

Nurse appointments – Smear checks, depo injections and pill reviews

Blood Test appointments – they are called ‘phlebotomy’ appointments online and can also be booked via patient access. Please ensure you have your blood form with you when attending for the appointment.  You cannot have your blood test without the form.

Practice Update 17th May 2021

May 2021 Practice Update – please click

The Practice will be operating a Triage model for GP appointments (this is not a Total Triage Model)..  This is not a new system to GP Practices but it is a system that Oakwood Medical Centre only started as the pandemic began as part of our Appointments Review in general.  Many of our PCN Practices across Northwich and beyond already used this model for many years, and at Oakwood we are always trying new ways of working to see what can be improved on.

What is our triage system?

A triage system still allows you to see a GP face to face but requires triage by the team as appropriate, in case another avenue is more suitable, for example a physiotherapist, or a pharmacist.  In many cases this means a quicker, smarter, more effective approach to your care and many patients find that it works very well for them.  It also helps support capacity within the Practice to ensure we are around for a long time within the community.

What is the process?

Please contact the practice by telephone as normal.

If you request an appointment while you are at the surgery we are still using a triage model and you will be added to the triage list.   The Practice believes in this statement from the RCGP:

“Face-to-face appointments will always remain a major element of general practice, and remote consultations will continue to be delivered where appropriate and useful. The mode of consultation should be determined through shared decision-making between a patient and practice staff”.

We would also ask you to be polite and courteous when contacting our practice staff as they are trying to support you as best they can.

Practice Update September / October 2020 Including Appointments:

Patient Update September 2020 – Please Read

Booking Appointments – August 2020:

Thank You 2020 – Please Read

Nurse Appointments for smear tests, B12 injections, Immunisations, ECGs, and some reviews are being booked directly. Please call us to book.

Changes to the surgery:

We are currently working hard to get a one-way system in place. While we do this there are some changes to the way you access the surgery.  These have been made in order to keep both staff and patients safe when attending the surgery.

If you are asked to attend the surgery:

Appointments can still be face to face if necessary; if you need to attend the surgery it is important that you do the following before and during your appointment:

  • Please only attend your appointment at the time given – we have space in our waiting area for you to wait, but this is limited.
  • Please bring a face covering with you and ensure it is in place ready for your appointment
  • We are restricting the number of patients who are in the building so we will ask you to attend your appointment alone wherever possible. If this is not possible please ensure you inform the reception team who can advise the nurse/GP

If you have any concerns or comments about the current process please contact us directly on the telephone number given and ask to speak to the practice manager.

To Cancel an Appointment:

To cancel an appointment call 01606 544241 or cancel via the Patient Access website.  If you receive a text message reminder on your mobile phone you can also cancel by text.

Patients who do not cancel appointments and do not attend (DNA) put extra strain on the appointments system and it can make the time you wait for your appointment longer.

Appointment Information:

Please see our update above for more information on our current process.

Please be aware that physically seeing the doctor may not always be necessary.

  • Please check the practice team and their roles to see who can deal with your questions best.
  • Many problems concerning advice can be dealt with over the phone and it may be more convenient for the doctor to telephone you. If you think this is appropriate please advise reception staff when you call. It might not be your usual GP who will contact you.
  • We will always deal with urgent requests that day. If surgeries are already fully booked, and you do not feel that your problem will wait until the next available routine appointment, the receptionist will either arrange for a doctor or nurse to telephone you to discuss the most appropriate way of managing your request, or will send a note to the GP so that they can review the issue and advise.

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