Appointments Review – April 2018


Appointments Review – April 2018

Oakwood Medical Centre will be reviewing the appointments that it offers to patients in the next few months.

This is line with our new developing telephone system (upgraded March 18 and to be completed May 18).

In association with our Patient Participation Group, and as part of a wider practice review, we will be asking patients what appointments they would like to see and when/where.  Questionnaires will follow – please complete them and return them to Oakwood Medical Centre.  

As part of this ongoing work, and to ensure that the practice is sustainable in the long-term, we have decided to stop the Extended Hours GP Appointments on a Monday evening from 1st April 2018 while we review what we can offer.

We believe passionately that access to GP services is extremely important but prioritizing evening access must not come at the expense of access and services during normal hours so that patients end up worse off.  We want to deliver the care our patients need and deserve, and we are committed to ensuring that we can provide that care safely and effectively.

Physiotherapy, Phlebotomy (blood test), and nurse appointments will still continue on Monday evenings, and the Practice will still be open to collect/drop off as before.  

We expect the review to take place between now and the end of June 2018.  For more information on the review or to request to join the Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) please contact for the attention of Laura Clare, Practice Manager – Patient & Staff Services.

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